Your Reputation is Everything: Corporate Reputation – It is almost unfortunate how quickly bad news will spread online.

Corporate Reputation. Imagine one of the following scenarios:

  • An angry customer posts something on a forum talking of their terrible experience with your business (of course this is grossly misrepresented ).
  • An irate ex-partner puts up some defamatory photos of you from a particular holiday in Cancun which get spread around Facebook.
  • A former employee vents his grievances on his well-exposed blog.

Now imagine that every time someone Googles your name or your company’s name, one of the above pieces of content comes up.

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What do you think that will do for your reputation?

Would it reduce the number of potential customers that want to business with you?

Would it reduce your chances of employment?

Yes, I know…these questions are rhetorical.

There are several things you can do in case you find some content that requires removal. The first is to contact the administrator/webmaster of the website and see if they will be willing to take the content down. Sometimes you will run into extremely friendly webmasters that will help you out.

If this fails, you will then need to push down the offensive content with more relevant mentions of your own name/company name.

Creating some of the following pieces of content will definitely help:

  1. Facebook Page
  2. Twitter Account
  3. LinkedIn Profile
  4. Google Plus Profile
  5. Wikipedia Page

The main objective is to push the offensive content off the front page of Google.

Statistically, 97% of searchers will not go past the front page so even if the result sits on top of page 2 it will minimize the bulk of the exposure.

The previously mentioned scenario is referred to as ‘online reputation management’. This can be a highly delicate and time-consuming procedure.

Sometimes, it may even be beyond individual intervention if the offensive piece of content comes from a super-credible source (eg: Government website, credible newspaper, etc).

At this point, you may consider bringing in some consultants to help you out.

Again, this can be time-consuming and expensive.

Although it may well be worth it and the end of the day given what the influence of the offending content may be when seen by potential customers/colleagues/employers.

Your Reputation is Everything: Corporate Reputation – what is reputation – what is reputation management – corporate reputation – reputation example.

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