Yellow Bus Novel, Kantin Merah

Yellow Bus Novel

Yellow Bus Novel – This is called Kantin Merah, ”said Bowo when he saw the wooden pillars that supported the roof of the canteen, painted red. Previously, the wood was only washed with varnish. So since then, Bowo and his friends have called the canteen where they had lunch as the Red Canteen. Only Bowo and friends know. The others don’t know what the canteen is.

There are several canteens on campus. But Bowo and his friends often eat at the Red Canteen. Besides being delicious, the variety of food sold there is also cheap. Cheap Canteen, maybe that’s another name that is also appropriate.

Kantin Merah also has a comfortable atmosphere as a place to eat. There is no wall dividing the campus yard. It is just so open that anyone who is hanging out there can freely look at the front-left front and back of the faculty area.

They can see from a distance who is coming, how basketball matches between majors are taking place, lecturers who enter and leave the Dean, or various kinds of vehicles that occupy the parking lot.

These two factors make the Red Canteen always crowded with visitors every lunchtime break arrives. There are hardly any empty seats. In contrast to other canteens that are rarely visited by students.

But there’s no need to worry. Those who insist on snacks in this place can still order food and take it to other places. They can enjoy batagor, poor meatballs, chicken noodles, lontong curry, soto rice, or simply bottled tea on the edge of a tennis court which is rarely used, or in their respective vehicles.

Bowo and his friends have other ways to keep getting a place even though many people come to the canteen.

The morning before the first lecture started or during the break between the first and second lectures, one or two of them took the time to go to the canteen and booked a place with one of the merchants.

The traders there have memorized who the regular customers of the canteen where they sell their food. No exception for Bowo and friends. So it was easy for Bowo and his friends to get a seat there.

Sometimes, Bowo and his friends didn’t visit the canteen during their lunch break because they couldn’t stand to see so many people. After the third lecture was completed and there were no further lectures, then they stopped by the Red Canteen.

At that time the canteen was quiet. Bowo and his friends are like the only visitors so they get special service, although they often don’t get food.

But they don’t care, because what makes them feel at home in the Red Canteen is the atmosphere. Very suitable to be used as a place to chat.

When they are busy chatting, they lose track of time. Even when it was late afternoon and the Red Canteen was about to close, and the merchants were getting ready to go home, they were still laughing and babbling.

In the end, they themselves have to clear the space, lift the stool onto the table and make sure that nothing is left behind.

However, the ritual did not last long. Because of this, the Red Canteen was demolished. The campus builds a canteen which has the same shape as canteens

another. Walls, doors and windows. The wooden benches were replaced with several sets of plastic chairs and tables.

All that is preserved is the food. Batagor, poor meatballs, chicken noodles, lontong curry, soto rice, plus various soft drinks.

“But how come it feels different?” said Bowo one day when he and his friends visited the canteen for the first time. They only buy drinks.

“Yes,” said one of Bowo’s friends. “I still like the old one. Red Canteen. Then what is the name of the canteen? ”

“Yes. What is it? The walls weren’t painted red, ”said another of Bowo’s friends.

Then they looked around the canteen. It seemed that people didn’t care about the difference in atmosphere.

They keep on chatting with their friends, enjoying the food they ordered, sm*king while looking out the window, taking a drink bottle, paying for it, then leaving.

“Come on. Just eat at home, ”said Bowo suddenly. “Come on.”

Bowo and his friends left the new canteen without giving it a name.

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