What is Google’s Ranking Algorithm? Write Natural Content

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What is Google’s Ranking Algorithm? Write Natural Content. Google Says Do Not Copy And Keep It Clean. Keep it clean and keep it real! google ranking algorithm changes.

As most of you know, Google updates its ranking algorithm around 200 to 300 times per year which means many SEO professionals are kept on their toes and some of them lose a lot of sleep waiting for the next update in anticipation.

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Some updates are minor and hardly noticeable, whereas other updates shake up the entire SEO industry and affect rankings significantly. what is google’s ranking algorithm?

Google recently deployed its a latest major off-page update (read more about the Google Penguin update here) this week and we’ve already seen (and felt) the effects.

Most times we receive alerts regarding a potential Google update, but you never know what it is or when it will strike.

The recent update is part of Google’s ‘War On Spam’ as they continue to fight blackhat (‘illegal’ SEO practices) powered websites on the web and remove them from within search results.

What is Google’s Ranking Algorithm?

What Does This Google Update Mean?

What is google’s ranking algorithm? The recent Google Penguin update seems to focus on links and duplicate content. More on duplicate content later in the episode…first let’s look at how it affects links.

If you have links pointing to your website from a spammy site or directory, you will be penalized for associating your business or website with the spammy site or directory.

Make sure you know exactly where your inbound links are coming from and in turn, make sure you know where outbound links are going just be too safe.

Google is cracking down on poor links and is filtering the web slowly to make search results much more beneficial to the user. Check your backlinks people!

Write Natural Content

What is google’s ranking algorithm? Is the write natural Content. When you write content for your website or blog, make sure what you are writing comes from the heart.

Don’t think ‘keywords’ and start filling in blank spaces with keywords. Write as though you are writing naturally as this will include keywords…naturally.

We’ve come across numerous sites where the brand name or business name was not mentioned once on the entire site because most paragraphs were stuffed with keywords. No good!

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Do Not Copy Content

What is google’s ranking algorithm? Do not…DO NOT…at any moment in time ever copy content from another site and paste it on your own because you want to save time.

We came across a couple of sites this week that had been penalized because they had a duplicate that was cut from a competitor’s website.

Google has more than 2 eyes, so chances are they will notice this, in fact, I would bet my entire life savings on it.

Be Careful With Your Shopping Cart

What is google’s ranking algorithm? Some shopping cart platforms spit out random URLs for products and duplicate pages of content displaying different products.

So you may have 100 pages displaying a different shoe on each page, but the content on each page is basically the same.

You need to make sure that each page has unique and product-relevant content, headings, and titles.

This is Google’s objective, to make each page relevant to the user who is searching for the product and to make the user landing on your page relevant to what you are selling.

So what we have learned so far is Google is cracking down on spammy backlinks and duplicate content.

The latter we have known for a while but we are now stumbling upon newly penalized sites that have this issue that wasn’t penalized previously.

Make sure you generate unique and relevant content for each page of your site and analyze your backlinks.

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