What does Google Backlinks Mean: Google Backlink

What does google backlinks mean: google backlink – The meaning of a backlink is a hyperlink that links from a Site page, back to a page on your own site or the web.

Google Backlinks are said to be Inbound Links (IBL). This link is important in determining the reputation (or needs) of your website.

Some crawling engines, including Google, will weigh the web with related google backlinks in search results pages.

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The more the number of backlinks to your website because of that the higher the chance to occupy page one or rank one on Google Search.

Google Backlinks are generally in the form of keywords that contain hyperlinks to certain web pages or directly to web addresses.

Backlinks can be embedded in an article or in the form of static hyperlinks on other websites. Understanding backlinks can be read on Wikipedia.

Also, read the search results events on Google that will open your discourse.

Example of Google Backlink

Here is a paragraph of an article containing the keyword “SEO services and Google Ads” which contains hyperlinks to a number of pages in https://www.boc.co.id.

The direction of this backlink is an effort to increase those keywords so that the box.co.id web places a good ranking on the search results of the Google.co.id crawler engine.

The following is an example of an article paragraph that contains Google backlinks:

“After creating the web, because of that, it (the web) is like standing in the middle of a jungle. Someone does not know your web presence.

Therefore, the web needs to be introduced via another web. Other websites must recommend ( backlinks) to your website. Generally, web owners do not have the time or are confused about how to recommend their web.

Therefore, they may need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services so that their web can get lots of google backlinks. search engines. Therefore it is advisable to advertise only through Google Ads. Pay to Google and quickly appear in the top 10 Google Search. “

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From the paragraph of the article above, some of the box.co.id web pages got google backlinks from this article (on the web www.boc.situs.id).

Remember that a good backlink is from a web that is related / the same topic. This article explains google backlinks related to the topic of the backlink direction of the web. Same as reviewing internet marketing activities.

If, for example, the backlink example in this article is towards the culinary web, because that is a different topic. Therefore according to Google, it is less related. There is still value but less than optimal.

From the results of the google backlinks example above, the goal is 10 great efforts to win the keyword search engine optimization services Bali and Google Ads services Bali. Just try to check on Google with the keywords that are interpreted. The target page entered the top 10 Google.

This is an example of planting and understanding google backlinks. Do the activity of planting these backlinks on other websites. The more backlinks because the better.

Google Backlink is something that is of high value and is of great use to your website.

Why Are Google Backlinks Important?

After understanding what a backlink is, now is the time to learn why google backlinks are mandatory. What benefits can be obtained from backlinks and why should you use them.

Here are some arguments why google backlinks are mandatory:

Google Finds Your Web Through Backlinks

The easiest explanation behind the question “Why are google backlinks important?” is that step Google finds a new page to show in its search results. Google’s crawler engine will crawl to find the pages most related to certain keywords.

Like when humans use a map to find several new locations, Google’s crawler engine uses a backlink to find a new page, crawls that page, and then enters it into Google’s index.

Think about this. You find it easier to find a new position that is connected to another position, right?

Isolated positions that are not connected to another position are increasingly difficult to find. Likewise with web pages.

Web pages that do not get google backlinks from other websites will be difficult for Google to find.

The more backlinks you get, the easier it will be for Google to find your web page. However, you also have to consider the quality of the backlinks.

You cannot be careless in looking for backlinks. Because backlinks are not quality, it can actually make your website lose.

Useful Google Backlinks to Maintain a Track Record on Google

When people search for a keyword on Google, Google will try to provide the best search results for the search. Google definitely directs searches on well-known web pages.

How does Google view a well-known web page or maybe not? Yes, it is true.

Google uses backlinks as a sign of the reputation of a web page. The more quality backlinks to your website, the better your web track record are in Google’s assessment.

Backlinks Related to Improve Web Integrity.

Initially, I explained that backlinks are an important sign in determining the reputation of a web page on Google. However, Google doesn’t just look at the backlinks from the number. Google views the backlinks on your web-based on the relationship.

What is a related google backlink? Related backlinks are backlinks obtained from the web or websites from related niches.

For example, a cellphone company is said to have related backlinks when they get a backlink from a web or a website whose niche is technology. Thus the cellphone company can be seen as trustworthy by Google.

What happens when the cellphone company gets backlinks from the beauty, fashion, or even furniture website?

Surely Google will ask the web integrity of the mobile phone company, is that company trustworthy enough for the cellphone and technology industry?

Google Backlinks Bring Traffic to the Web

In the beginning, it was explained that backlinks can help the web to be more easily found by Google so that it can be in search results.

The more quality backlinks you get, the better Google will assess your website. Your webpage can then rank highly in search results.

Except for the traffic that you get from Google searches, backlinks bring traffic from links that are embedded in the backlink web.

What’s more, if the google backlink web already has a good track record on Google and gets a lot of traffic. The traffic that you get from the backlinks web will go to your website.

6 Tactics to Get Quality Google Backlink

Backlinksbacklinks is not obtained easily. The tactic of creating quality backlinks consists of starting with creating complete, unique, and solution content. Here are the steps to get quality backlinks on your website.

Build Integrity

To be able to get quality backlinks, you must first establish the integrity of your web or website.

Just as I have mentioned in the point of Quality Outbound Links, generally webs or websites with quality backlinks only want to provide backlinks to quality websites and websites.

Therefore, you need to build integrity first.

Record Complete and Solutive Content

How to make the integrity of the web or website? Surely the answer is in the content. Make sure the content on your website is completely content and can answer several search questions.

The content that you write down must also be a solution. So after reading the article on your website or website, readers can solve the problems they feel.

Thus they do not hesitate to share their articles on social media or even the website or website.

Create Unique Content

Except for complete and solutive content, your content must also be unique. If possible, create content that no one has yet created.

Thought that no one had yet taken up. For example, you can do a case study about a loyal customer or your business.

The uniqueness of your content will attract someone to provide a link to your website or website.

Create Infographics

Sometimes people are lazy to read long paragraphs. To outsmart this, you can take advantage of the infographics. Create an infographic so that it will attract some people to read your article.

On the other hand, some people find it easier to share infographics because they are more interesting and easier to understand.

Use the Backlink Tools The

four steps above are steps to get backlinks in a natural way. Good, unique, complete, and solution content will attract several people to place your web link or website on their website.

However, you also have to pick up the ball so you can get quality backlinks. Because web and websites with good quality backlinks need to be squeezed individually first so that they can plant backlinks there.

To find quality websites and websites, you need a 3rd faction contribution like Ahrefs. Until now, Ahrefs is the best tool to find quality backlinks.

With Ahrefs you can find quality websites and websites based on keywords related to your business.

Apart from that, you can also find out the integrity of the web via the Rank Domain (DR) and the amount of traffic it generates.

Use Base Content Share

Many people share the latest articles or content on social media. It must be done. However, unless you share content on social media, you also need to share your content on a content share basis.

Content sharing bases such as Media, Kompasiana, Hipwee, VIVA Website, Kaskus, Reddit, and SlideShare can be used to place your web or website link.

You can create new articles related to the topic you are reviewing and place the link to the article you expect. That way you get backlinks from that base share content.

Even though the link is nofollow, this system is still appropriate to be applied to promote website or web content.

Do Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is when you create an article that is not to be circulated on your own website but is circulated on someone’s website or website.

In the article, you place a link to your website or website. However, you need to choose a website or website with high traffic so that guest blogging can benefit from it.


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