What are Backlinks and How do They Work

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What are Backlinks and How do They Work – Backlinks are one of the important things that can determine the status of the web in tracking engine tracking.

As a result, the question of what is meant by backlinks and how to get free backlinks often passes in the heads of most bloggers or developer sites.

What is Backlinks?

Backlinks are the term for giving the name of a link/link that moves to our website. Backlinks can be used as references to make it easier for users or simply for optimization needs so that our web is more famous in the eyes of tracking machines.

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In terms of function, backlinks are divided into two types, namely dofollow and nofollow. The 2 types of backlinks above are actually very precise when witnessed in real.

However, the dofollow backlink type is increasingly in demand because it has a high value in the eyes of tracking engines, while the nofollow type is relatively unpopular because it doesn’t pose a significant risk to the web.

What are Backlinks and How do They Work

Guidelines for Methods to Find Quality Backlinks

There are many methods for getting quality backlinks, either free or paid. For a free method, you can take advantage of the steps for placing your profile backlinks, social bookmarking, or guest posts.

And the method of getting paid quality backlinks can be through content placement or sponsored posts.

The following is a guide on how to find quality backlinks to fulfill your web interests.

1. Create Antique and Interesting Content It’s

no secret that good content will attract several people to read and recommend it. So concentrate on looking for new ideas as writing material.

Who knows, your article can be a reference for authority sites like Wikipedia, which are really popular, often giving them quality backlinks.

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2. Actively Forming Friendships

If you are a blogger, don’t miss being part of a commune. In Jogja, for example, there is the KBJ (Komune Blogger Jogja) as an efficient facility for changing thoughts together or increasing friendship networks.

Even if you are lucky, there may be one or 2 people who are interested in your website and want to be brought together by changing links.

3. Write down the info you are looking for. In order

to bring in quality content, there are various ways that can be done, one of which is to find review topics that are often needed.

4. Implementing Blogwalking to the Web with the Same Topic.

Blogwalking activities have indeed started to be ignored because it is quite troublesome and less powerful for tracking the status of the web.

However, what if blogwalking is carried out on a website or website with a similar review topic? Please try and show yourself the risk.

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At that time, if you don’t want to be tired of blogwalking but want to get quality backlinks, you can use a backlink marketplace service like RajaBacklinks which has been trusted by several hundred advertisers from all over Indonesia.

5. Use Tools

To make your backlink tracking process lighter, use tools such as Ahrefs, Moz, or Majestic that can display backlink data from competing webs.

From that data, then you can make a difference to make it a goal to make link building more intensive. Unfortunately, this tool places a subscription scheme so that you have to invest a sufficient amount of money.

Collection of Free Backlinks Sources Web

What are Backlinks and How do They Work? In order to better complete your knowledge about what is meant by backlinks, here we have compiled some possible web sources for finding quality backlinks for your website.

It is important to understand, the process of looking for backlinks through these sites is quite a time-consuming and tiring, so don’t forget to prepare coffee and snacks so that you continue to concentrate and get maximum results.

About Me

  • Domain Authority (DA): 93
  • Backlink model: Profile

Method of getting backlinks: Create an account then add the destination web URL on the about page or the web link profile.


  • Domain Authority (DA): 95
  • Model: Contextual.

Methods of getting backlinks: Media is like blogspot or wordpress.com which offers blogging bases with unlimited writing freedom. So that you can take advantage of this service as a writing practice area as well as add contextual backlinks that move to your website.


  • Domain Authority (DA): 99
  • Backlinks Model: Profile / contextual

Methods of getting backlinks: As one of the products created by Google, YouTube can definitely be one of the most powerful websites for finding quality backlinks. There are two methods of getting backlinks from YouTube, first you can place the web homepage URL on the about me profile page, then the second YouTube backlink is in the form of a homepage URL or an article that can be placed in the description column.


  • Domain Authority (DA): 94
  • Backlinks model: Contextual

Method of getting backlinks: Do you have any college work files piled up on your computer hard drive? Don’t waste your hard work, replace and add hyperlinks on the side of the document that you think are relevant, then upload them to the Scribd sharing web document to get backlinking capabilities from large DA sites.


  • Domain Authority (DA): 80
  • model: Contextul


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