Tourism in Indonesia 2021 – Tana Toraja’s tourism attractions are synonymous with the phrase “unusual” for most people, considering that many tombs are used as tourism destinations.

However, nature in Tana Toraja also offers exoticism that is no less beautiful. Imagine, you can see a towering hill split by a river, reminiscent of the world from the animated film, Avatar The Legend of Aang.

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This district in North Sulawesi also has very strong customary and cultural values. The charm of the customs and nature around it makes tourism fall in love at first sight.


The following are tourism attractions in Tana Toraja that must be visited.

Tourism in Indonesia 2021

1. Seeing the tombs of the nobles, Lemo Cave

Unlike other graves, Lemo is easily accessible to the general public. The special burial procedures for the Toraja nobility are the main attraction for tourists to see directly the burials in the cave stones.

The whitish chalk hills give their own hue so that the tomb is far from haunted.

There are various wooden statues that adorn the hill of the tomb. For local customs, the statue that is made must resemble a person who has died and his body is buried in the stone.

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Each family has its own place on the hill, as well as the arrangement of wooden statues. If they are blood relatives and have family ties, the statues are lined up with their ancestors who died first.

Despite being a grave, Lemo has its own charm. The view of the cave’s stalactites and stalagmites provides an epic hue of nature.

The sunlight that appears from between the caves gives light so that the color contours of the cave look pretty. From the holes in the cave, visitors can see the natural scenery around it which is no less good.

Location: Sandan Uai Village, Sanggalangi District, North Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi Province.
Ticket price: 20,000 IDR for three people

2. Seeing the statue of Jesus Buntu Burake and climbing the longest glass bridge in Indonesia

Tourism in Indonesia 2021

Basically, this place is a spiritual tourism object for Christians. However, anyone can enjoy the spectacular natural scenery from the glass bridge.

To reach the Buntu Burake hill, you travel about seven hours via the Poros Baru Makassar road. The location of this statue is in the city of Makale, right on top of the Buntu Burake hill. The construction of this statue replicates the style of the statue in Rio De Janeiro, Christ the Redeemer.

With the opening of this spiritual area, at least tourism can enjoy the elevation of the hill with easier and safer access.

The glass bridge that surrounds the statue is the longest glass bridge in Indonesia, with a length of about 90 meters.

Being on this glass bridge, it feels like it is floating above a height. If you want to enjoy a spectacular view, come as early as possible to see the sunrise with white clouds around it.

Location: Bukit Buntu Burake, Makale City, South Sulawesi.
Opening hours: Daily, 6:00 to 22:00 pm
Admission: 50,000 IDR per person

3. Walk the oldest traditional house in the village Pallawa Sulawesi


Tana Toraja tourism attractions this time is the historic village area, where Tongkonan traditional house, typical traditional house South Sulawesi, the oldest in Tana Toraja and is still well preserved today.

To get there, you have to travel for seven hours from the city of Makassar.

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Arriving in the village, you will see an environment that is still very beautiful, with an atmosphere that is much cooler than the city of Makassar and the location of this village is in a steep hilly area.

There are 11 Tongkonan houses with traditional rice-pounding tools in this village.

The original owner no longer lives in this house, because a family has bought all the traditional houses in the village and the original villagers live behind the Tongkonan house.

It is said that the Tongkonan house is a silent witness to the rigors of the inter-village war.

Location: Pallawa Village, Sesean, North Toraja, South Sulawesi
Ticket price: Free

4. Limbong water pool, a small lake in the middle of a dramatic cliff

Tourism in Indonesia 2021

For those who want to find a natural serenity, a visit to the Limbong water pool is the solution. This water pool is a small lake located two kilometers from the city of Rantepao.

The scenery is very epic, rock cliffs and green water combine to produce an interesting sight.

Access to the pool is also good. The facilities are also complete, including the existence of several restaurants and toilets.

You can also bike the water while looking at the shady trees jutting into the water. The singing of cheering birds also enlivens the natural charm around the lake, the high cliffs reflect the echoes of nature and bring relaxation.

Location: Jl. Singki, Rantepao, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Admission: 10,000 IDR for domestic tourism, 20,000 IDR for foreign tourism.

5. Selfie accompanied artistically by Sumalu sand dunes, North Toraja

Tourism in Indonesia 2021, South Sulawesi, Tana Toraja

It turns out that sand dunes are not only in Yogyakarta. Tana Toraja also has a complex of sandhills whose charm is no less beautiful.

This Tana Toraja tourism spot is called Gumuk Pasir Sumalu, which used to be called the Pa’buyan Hill.

This sand area is not just any mound, the sand that is easily carried away by the wind depicts a beautiful and artistic view.

No doubt, taking pictures in this place always produces good photos. To get to the sand dunes, you have to travel from the Rantepao route and it takes more than an hour (25 kilometers).

Location: Rantebua Sumalu, Rantebua, North Toraja, South Sulawesi
Ticket price: 10,000 IDR (parking)

6. Bonggakaradeng has a teletubbies hill

Tourism in Indonesia 2021, South Sulawesi, Tana Toraja

Bonggakaradeng is a sub-district in Tana Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi. This region has a tourism destination that displays vast landscapes and green grasslands.

Its main attraction is the rug-like view of the mountain range cut by a stream. The Teletubies Hill location is the best area to view the expanse of the mountains and enjoy the rural atmosphere.

This area is perfect for those who love camping and outdoor activities. You can see birds flying with the Ollon hills that stretch out wide, rivers with clear water flows, spoiling the eyes with beautiful natural scenery.

When the sun rises, there will be a cloud of mist covering the plantation with a cool temperature.

Location: Teletubbies Hill, Bonggakaradeng Village, Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi.
Ticket prices: Free

7. The megalithic stone of the nobility in Bori Kalimbuang

Bori Kalimbuang is a complex arrangement of megalithic stones that stands towering over the meadow.

In total there are 102 stones that rise in the Bori Kalimbuang area, which the local community calls “simbuang batu”. These tall stones are menhirs that are made during the burial of the body.

It takes a lot of energy to produce stones like the one in Bori Kalimbuang. The price of the stones is reportedly also competitive with the rent of the house.

Naturally, to get the menhir stone, the family left behind had to ask for help or pay a coolie to take the stone from the top of the mountain and polish it in such away.

Then the stones are rolled in mutual cooperation to the Bori Kalimbuang complex. It took dozens of people working to polish it to deliver it.

The collection process is also difficult and high risk. Moreover, if the deceased comes from a rich person, the size of the stone affects the social strata, the higher the stone is made, the larger the number of buffalo is used during death ceremonies, and the higher the degree of the nobility of that person.

Location: Bori, Sesean, North Toraja, South Sulawesi
Ticket price: IDR 5,000 (parking)

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