Seo Web Design Companies –  You’ve often heard the phrase “When you’re sick, you should go to a Doctor and not a Mechanic. ” This basically tells us that when we need something specific, we need to go to someone who specializes in that particular field as they are the most qualified and trusted.

You wouldn’t tell a Mechanic how to fix your car because; a) you’re not a Mechanic and b) if you’re a Mechanic, you wouldn’t have taken your car to them, to begin with.

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This sounds like common sense to most but thanks to human nature, some people think they can do it all.

Speaking of Mechanics, creating a strong and successful online presence for your brand requires teamwork and gathering a team of specialists to work together like a smooth running engine.

Now of course not everything will run smoothly, however, when your team consists of specialized and experienced individuals, you will encounter fewer obstacles.

To have a great-looking site that people can find, appreciate, use, buy your product or contact you, requires having a great Web Designer, SEO, Usability expert, and obviously, product.

Seo Web Design Companies

Many of today’s Web Designers and Digital Agencies will create a smart and sleek looking site that grabs the users’ attention, but after a while, they realize something is wrong. There are 2 scenarios that take place here:

Scenario 1: You need SEO to drive traffic to your site and decide to get in touch with an SEO company. This is your starting point.

Scenario 2: You are already ranking well (on page 1 if you’re lucky) and there is healthy traffic coming to your site and while traffic data is impressive, bounce rates are high, there are little to no inquiries coming in, and the phone isn’t ringing.

This is when you decide to get in touch with an SEO company to see how they can assist you.

From experience, this is how the conversation usually flows:

Web Designer:

“We have a website and we need more inquiries and sales. We don’t know what’s wrong.”

SEO: (after checking out the home page) “I’m on your home page and I can’t find your phone number and there is no content that tells me what you actually do.”

Web Designer:

“Oh, no there isn’t anything wrong with our site. We designed it ourselves and it looks good.”


“The design looks good, yes, but you would need to make a few changes to engage users and grab their details.”

Web Designer: (reluctantly) “So you mean, we need to change the design? ” â€¦and so on.

The difficult part here is to explain why a design needs to be slightly tweaked in order to make the site a little more usable and appealing.

Users love a great-looking site, don’t get me wrong, however, when you are searching for a particular product or looking for a quote, all you are really looking for is an easy-to-find contact number, address, or navigation structure find what you are looking for.

By advising the site owner to make these adjustments, may clash with the designer’s emotional attachment to the site because, after all, it is their little baby and they will protect it with everything they have.

In terms of conversion and usability though, your design may not be up to standard regardless of how compliant the code is, how responsive the design is with mobile devices, and how nice the buttons are when you hover over them.

So, when an SEO consultant advises you about your design and how to get the most out of it, just remember they DO know what they are talking about.

Take a step back, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and detach yourself from your design. After all, your end goal is to make sales…I hope.

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