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Don’t Trust Your Friends With Your SEO. SEO Powersuite Affiliate Program: SEO Tutorial.

There is always a friend out there who will tell you they know everything about something but in actual fact they know a lot about not much (get me?).

With Google performing hundreds of annual algorithm changes and updates, even those who are in the know and work with SEO on a daily basis find it difficult to gauge what Google is thinking or what they will do next.

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If you‒s a regular on SEOMOZ or any other highly reputable blog or forum, you will realize that even the heavy hitters have a hard time keeping up with all the updates SEO Tutorial.

Having said that, it’s not a guessing game but a matter of knowing what you’re doing and staying a step ahead of everyone else. It’s basically a way of life.

Back to your friends, this friend tells you they have magical SEO powers because they can create a list of keywords and dump it on your site, think twice SEO Tutorial.

If your friend says “I know SEO, it’s easy! We‒ll just throw some keywords on your site.

We’ll put them in the footer, under the logo, behind images, in your metadata…hell…I will even create a list of 100 suburbs you service but it’s ok, we won’t link them anywhere or we will just copy and paste the same content on each page.

You‒ll be #1 in no time!” If your friend says this, please slap them in the face for me. SEO Tutorial very much…

Slap them nice and hard so they wake up. The only thing this will do for your site is spamming it with keywords and end up in the penalty box SEO Tutorial.

Google will give you a nice yellow card and send you to the sin bin.

If Google was your school teacher, she would send you to the naughty corner and make you think long and hard about your actions. She may even send a letter home.

I have come across a few people who have had a site for a few years and have had SEO work completed by a friend and at the end of the day, their site has either been penalized or completely de-indexed.

When they turn to an SEO company, they are given the bad news and told they need to start fresh with a brand new domain and a brand new website.

So not only have these people lost a lot of time but who knows how much money they have wasted during the process.

Google has been filtering the internet recently to ensure it is full of quality content.

Google wants to create a web full of relevant, informative, and well-behaving sites which will in turn create a library of resources that users can find useful. Why SEO Tutorial?

Google is a product and they obviously want customers (us) to use their product.

As with any brand (any forward-thinking brand), they continuously look at refining their product and making it more practical and simpler to use, not to forget less time-consuming.

Think of it as a car, if Lamborghini releases a new model and it’s difficult to change gears or find the volume button for the radio or adjust the climate control, it becomes frustrating for the user and makes the driving experience quite poor.

Needless to say, I would still own that annoying Lamborghini.

So if I’m on a search mission to find ‘bright pink shoes’ and all I am presented with were sites with images, blogs and useless sites, what are the chances of me finding an online shoe store? Quite poor.

I know some of you are thinking “Well if you wanted to buy shoes why don’t you just search for “buy bright pink shoes”?

” Well you see, I’m the average user and I think I know everything, when in fact I know a lot about not much.

So when this average user searches for ‘bright pink shoes’ they expect to see sites associated with that specific product and these sites will be ranked on the front page of Google due to their relevant and high quality content.

BANG! SEO Tutorial is good.

For Google, this is an ongoing process for many reasons, hence why we notice hundreds of algorithm updates per year, some severe, some not so.

Google doesn’t mind your ‘friend’ working on your SEO, as long as they abide by the rules, guidelines and not steal other kid’s lunches.

If your friend is experienced with link building, social media mentions and citations, press releases and other off page SEO techniques, then you can sit down and have a chat.

If they wear a black hat with their cape, run as fast as you can. (Get it? Black hat and cape…No?)

So next time you’re friend puts on their SEO superhero costume and starts climbing walls, tell them to sit down and continue eating their breakfast cereal while you start searching for a few SEO companies.

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