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Read one pice manga – Spoiler for One Piece Manga Chapter 1010: Zoro uses Ashura technique, Kaido talks about King’s Haki

One Piece Manga spoilers chapter 1010 has appeared and immediately stirred up the Straw Hat Pirates lovers, Tuesday 6 April 2021.

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From the spoilers of read One Pice Manga chapter 1010, Roronoa Zoro is depicted as attacking Kaido at the top of Onigashima Castle. Zoro advanced to face Kaido after Luffy was knocked down by the Great General of the Beast Pirate Fleet.

Read One Piece Manga spoiler chapter 1010 shows that Zoro uses his distinctive sword style, the Ashura technique to deal directly with Kaido.

When Zoro showed Ashura’s technique, Kaido suddenly let out a sentence as if he was dumbfounded by what Marimo was doing.

Kaido chanted the words related to Haoshoku (King’s Haki) while swinging Kanabo.

“No way. Haoshoku? That’s enough. Thunder Bagua !!” shouted Kaido.

While carrying out the Ashura technique, Zoro uttered a sentence that indicated that this would be his last attack. Until now it has not been confirmed who received Zoro’s words.

“This is my limit, if this doesn’t work, I’ll leave the rest to you,” explained Zoro.

Meanwhile, Kid and Killer are still busy dealing with Big Mom’s combat weapons, namely Prometheus, Zeus and Napoleon.

Prometheus is described as having managed to save Big Mom who is in a dire situation, namely falling from the top of Onigashima Palace to the open sea below.

Towards the end of the story, Kaido talks to Luffy about how to channel the King’s Haki into inanimate objects used as combat tools.

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