Read Manga Link, One Piece Chapter 1008: Kurozumi Higurashi Undercover as Kozuki Oden

Don’t miss, is the figure of Kurozumi Higurashi disguised as Kozuki Oden that Akazaya met in One Piece manga chapter 1008.

Yes, here is the One Piece manga leak, see also the scheduled release.

Well, besides the debate whether Kozuki Oden is still alive, the One Piece 1008 manga will also reveal Kozuki Momonosuke’s devil fruit.

The plan is that One Piece chapter 1008 will be released by Weekly Shonen Jump and Manga Plus next week.

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This is because the One Piece manga chapter 1008 is not published this week.

Fans of Monkey D Luffy and friends must be patient to look forward to the continuation of the war story in Onigashima in the manga One Piece chapter 1008.

Also, check out the leaks and reading links for One Piece chapter 1008 in this article.

However, One Piece chapter 1008 which is legal in Indonesian will air next weekend on Manga Plus.

Check out the leaks, the schedule, and the link to read the One Piece 1007 manga in this article.

Previously, in the One Piece manga chapter 1007, which aired last weekend on Manga Plus, entitled Tanuki San or Mr.Raccoon.

The cover depicts Cesar Clown blowing hot air balloons and distributing them to penguin chicks.

The story begins with Hyogoro who succeeded in conquering the Oniwabatsu ninja troops and the samurai who had betrayed Kaido’s camp.

Hyogoro’s action, which succeeded in conquering the elite troops by himself, wowed many people, including two Supernovas X-Drake and Scratchmen Apoo.

However, because of the oni-ice virus, Hyogoro asked one of the Yakuza leaders, Yatappe, to behead him.

Not only did the big boss Yakuza Hyogoro get the oni-ice virus, but a Yakuza Omasa leader was also hit and asked Tsunagoro’s head beheaded.

On the other hand, Kaido’s Croco troops, namely Pleasure and Waiters, asked Kaido’s Commander, Queen, to save him from the oni-ice virus.

However, Queen was unwilling to save her own subordinates.

Queen considers his subordinates useless because they are exposed to the oni-ice virus.

However, when Hyogoro was about to be executed, Chopper arrived on time and drank the vaccine.

In addition, Chopper fires the oni ice virus vaccine using a cannon and forms it like gas to save all who are infected, both enemies and friends.

The vaccine allows all those affected by the oni-ice virus to finally survive and recover.

Seeing this, Queen was furious and tried to shoot a laser at Chopper.

But who would have thought that Kaido’s Croco troops, Pleasure, would voluntarily become a shield to protect Chopper.

Marco flew towards Queen and grabbed her neck.

Chopper then eats a rumble ball and changes his form into his giant form and slaps Queen.

Of course this is a fight between a pirate worth 100 berries and a Yonkou commander worth more than a billion berries.

The story continues by presenting Yamato and Kozuki Momonosuke somewhere.

Yamato was shocked to see Momonosuke, who was frustrated because he couldn’t do anything, transformed into a small dragon.

Then, also displayed the figure of Chiper Pol Zero CP0 discussing the discovery of Vegapunk who cloned the devil fruit made by Kaido.

But when asked by the world government, Kaido’s clone devil fruit called Vegapunk was a failed product and was placed on Punk Hazard.

Who would have thought Kozuki Momonosuke who apparently ate Kaido’s cloned devil fruit and transformed into a dragon?

The story then continues with a mysterious figure who is shown with the Akazaya Nine who are injured in the treasure room.

The mysterious figure that Akazaya meets is Kozuki Oden, which surprises everyone.

One Piece Chapter 1008 Schedule: Next Week Release

One Piece Chapter 1,008 will not be released this week, but next week to be precise on Sunday, March 28, 2021. One Piece itself until Friday (19/3/2021) This is the second most-read manga on MangaPlus.

With 716,075 views, Eiichiro Oda’s work is only under Masashi Kishimoto / Mikio Ikemoto’s Boruto: Naruto Next Generations with 1,040,840 views.

One Piece is above My Hero Academia (Kohei Horikoshi) with 596,708 views, Black Clover (Yuki Tabata) with 475,165 views, and Jujutsu Kaisen (Gege Akutami) with 468,158 views.



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