One Piece: What Promotheus’ Request for Big Mom?

One Piece: What Promotheus' Request for Big Mom?
One Piece: What Promotheus' Request for Big Mom?

One Piece: What Promotheus’ Request for Big Mom? Kidd and Law are currently preparing to face Big Mom. Can Kidd then win in the fight? What is Big Mom doing with Promotheus?

As shown in chapter 1009 yesterday, Big Mom was successfully “defeated” by the neat cooperation between Law, Kidd, Zoro, and Killer. They managed to make Big Mom fall from Onigashima.

Big Mom almost drowned because Zeus, Promotheus, and Napoleon were captured by Zoro, Killer, and Kidd. Zeus himself was locked in a box made by Kidd, while Napoleon and Promotheus themselves were guarded from helping Big Mom who fell. However, seeing this, Kaido then acted by attacking Zoro and Law.

One Piece vs Big Mom

Big Mom herself finally survived thanks to Promotheus. Meanwhile, Zeus himself was still trapped in Kidd’s box. Promotheus then asked Big Mom for something, after he mocked Zeus that he couldn’t help Big Mom. Unfortunately, we are not informed about what Promotheus made to Big Mom.

This is the big mystery at this time. What did Promotheus ask Big Mom? and whether Kidd can beat Big Mom? In one of the panels in chapter 1010 yesterday we saw how the clouds suddenly turned black as if a storm was coming. There are several things that might happen, when the clouds turn black.

First, the effect due to the Conqueror Haki battle. As many of the stories show, when two people collide with Conqueror Haki, the sky will split apart. In addition, the clouds will also turn black. In chapter 1010, it was shown how Luffy finally understood that Conqueror Haki can also be used to injure or attack enemies, which is indicated by the presence of black lightning.

The second possibility is the increased power of Promotheus. As one of the Homies, which is a creature created by Big Mom, Big Mom can certainly control what Homies is like. He can remove their strength or increase their strength. Seeing how Promotheus was praised by Big Mom for his dedication, it is likely that Promotheus wanted to show more.

It could be, Promotheus’ wish is to ask Big Mom to increase his strength. That way, Promotheus can help Big Mom to defeat the Worst Generations. And the increase in strength is marked by a thick black cloud that covers the Onigashima region. Then, the last possibility is that Big Mom is creating a new Homies.

With Zeus trapped in Kidd’s box, it would be difficult to let him go. Unless someone later released him. Another possibility of Promotheus’ request is asking Big Mom to create other Homies. The homies could be similar to Zeus, that is, in the form of clouds that may be much stronger.

Seeing this, it looks like the chances of Killer and Kidd’s victory against Big Mom could be very small. Kidd might be able to withstand the various attacks made by Big Mom, but maybe not for long. Kidd and Killer will definitely be exhausted and will reach their limit. Not to mention, if it is proven, Big Mom has additional strength.

With this black cloud, Big Mom could have attacked Killer and Kidd with Indra’s powerful technique, rendering them unconscious – or possibly dead. Will Kidd be able to survive against Big Mom? Let’s just look forward to what will happen to Big Mom and Kidd and Killer in the upcoming chapter, geeks.

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