Currently, One Piece 1008 manga fans are still debating whether Kozuki Oden is still alive or not? This is because the chapter before One Piece chapter 1008 appeared the figure of Kozuki Oden at the end of the story.

Can the puzzle be answered in the One Piece manga 1008?

The following is the leak of One Piece manga chapter 1008, also see the release schedule.

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One Piece 1008 is scheduled to be published on March 28, 2021. The spoilers of One Piece 1008, King, Queen, and Jack will change to the hybrid form.

One Piece is one of the popular manga in Japan and a number of other countries including Indonesia.

Right now the One Piece story is having fun. The reason is, Luffy and his allies are fighting Kaido and Big Mama at Onigashima’s palace.

This week, One Piece will not take any time off. Launching from the Manga Plus website, One Piece 1008 is scheduled to be published on Sunday, March 28, 2021.

Even though it has not been officially published for a few days, One Piece 1008 spoilers have been circulating in cyberspace.

Here are the One Piece 1008 spoilers that were released from Reddit.

Jinbei took off the Who’s Whodan mask and was surprised. Sanji is about to meet someone who surprises him.

The identity of the fake Oden will be revealed.

There is no mistaking it, the fake Kozuki Oden figure is actually a work made by Kanjuro. As is known, Kanjuro does have the power of devil fruit with the ability to make the most realistic images and can even look very alive.

In addition, Manga One Piece chapter 1008 spoilers also reveal that Kurozumi Orochi is still alive.
Even though the Shogun of Wano Country had already been beheaded by the Great General of the Beast Pirates, Kaido.

Yamato will change form. King, Queen, and Jack will transform into a hybrid.

Fukurokuju met someone unexpected.

Luffy will use gear 5 in the fight against Kaido and Big Mama.

One Piece 1008 spoilers are not 100% accurate yet. You can read the full story of One Piece 1008 this weekend by visiting Manga Plus.

See the manga reading link One Piece chapter 1007:

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