One Piece: Luffy Threatened by these 5 Devil Fruits! – Who doesn’t know Luffy? He is one of the strongest personalities in One Piece. Since the beginning of his presence, Luffy has undergone the most striking changes.

Right now, he could be likened to strong traits, and he was almost like a Yonko. But geeks, even though they are very strong, there are many devil fruits that can terrorize Luffy.

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What is a devil fruit? Read below geeks!

Yami Yami

Yami is a devil fruit that belongs to Blackbeard.

One Piece – This devil fruit is a Logia type that allows the user to create or control large gravitational fields. , Yami Yami devil fruit users can suck the powers of another devil fruit.

With this devil fruit, Blackbeard becomes a figure that is feared and at risk. If Luffy meets this devil fruit user, then Luffy’s devil fruit ability can be eliminated, and Luffy just becomes an ordinary human, without any further abilities.

That’s what makes this devil fruit user finish Luffy lightly.

Supa Supa

This devil fruit is included in the category of devil fruit rarely because it is rare. Supa is a devil fruit currently used by Daz Bones alias Mr. 1. With this devil fruit, Daz Bones can change his body into the sharpest sword.

When he turned into a “walking sword,” Daz Bones was very difficult to subdue, and his entire body became a deadly weapon.

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Luffy certainly won’t be able to challenge these devil fruit users because Luffy’s body is made of rubber. If Luffy insists on opposing him, then it is possible that he will be critically injured.

This devil fruit is owned by Jozu, a former commander of the 3rd sector of the Whitebeard pirates. He is better known as Diamond Jozu, because of his devil fruit, Jozu can remove diamond-shaped protection around his body.

With that diamond, he becomes a nightmare for any personality because his defenses are hard to penetrate.

Kira Kira

Duga Kira’s devil fruit is like Paramecia, if Luffy had to face Jozu, Luffy wouldn’t be able to break through Jozu’s strong defenses.

Jozu himself can cover his entire body with diamonds, so he is impenetrable. When Jozu and Luffy compete, Jozu can even counterattack Luffy.

Admiral Kizaru’s devil fruit is a Logia type. With this devil fruit, Kizaru can fake rays freely.

Pika Pika

With Pika Pika’s ability, Kizaru has defeated several Supernovas at Marineford. Surely the ability of that devil fruit is extraordinary.

Pika is a creepy devil fruit and its strikes can lightly destroy a person in a matter of milliseconds.

Even Kizaru can move like a ray quickly because of Pika Pika. Even though Kizaru rarely exists, if Luffy meets Kizaru, Luffy doesn’t seem to be able to do anything.

Ope Ope

Ope Ope is the devil fruit of Trafalgar Law. This devil fruit is summoned as the most powerful devil fruit. With this devil fruit, Law can create a room and compete in that room.

In the room that Law created, he can lead the battle because he has complete control over the room.

The brilliant ability of Ope Ope can’t even be subdued by many of the best devil fruit users in One Piece, and it makes it impossible for anyone who uses devil fruit to survive challenging Law’s abilities.

Even with Luffy’s abilities, he will not be helpless to challenge this devil fruit.

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