One Piece 1008 The Fake Oden
One Piece 1008 The Fake Oden

One Piece 1008: The Fake Oden?

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One Piece 1008 Spoiler: The Fake Oden? – The latest chapter of the One Piece manga series is finally released this week, after the previous week the newest chapter was delayed due to a weekly pause.

Previously, in chapter 1007 yesterday we saw how Hyogoro’s strength was able to amaze everyone. He managed to survive the Ice Demon virus while also defeating the Yakuza ordered by Orochi.

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Additionally, Chopper was shown to have succeeded in making an antidote for the Ice Demon’s poison.

And he also managed to cure everyone who had the virus.

Chapter 1007 presents two interesting epic moments, the first is when Chopper changes to Zoan mode and beats Queen, and the most phenomenal and controversial moment is the reappearance of Kozuki Oden.

Then, what will happen in One Piece 1008 or Chapter 1008 later? First, the title of chapter 1008 itself is “Ashura Doji, Leader of the Bandits of Atayama.”

The story at the beginning of the chapter still continues from what happened in chapter 1007 yesterday. Kozuki Oden’s figure says that he made it to the future because of Kozuki Toki’s strength.

However, while all the Red Scabbards welcomed Kozuki Oden, only Ashura Doji was suspicious and did not believe Oden’s figure.

Finally, he attacked Oden’s figure. Everyone was then shocked when Ashura Doji managed to attack him and no blood came out. The fact then emerged that it turned out that Kozuko Oden’s figure was a fake oden.

One Piece 1008 The Fake Oden

It turns out that Oden’s figure is the work of drawings by Kanjuro, who is still alive. A bomb then exploded and hit Ashura Doji and the fake Oden or Kozuki Oden.

Jack then appeared and tried to stop the Red Scabbards, but was successfully restrained by Inuarashi. The other Scabbards left and tried to find Momonosuke’s whereabouts.

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What is also surprising is that it is not only Kanjuro who is still alive, Shogun Wano and also one of the main enemies in the Wano arc who was shown dead by Kaido, Orochi, is still alive.

The climax is that we are back to seeing the battle between the monsters, namely Kaido and Big Mom against the 5th Worst Generation.

In this One Piece 1008 or chapter of 1008, we will see Kaido’s Zoan hybrid form or transformation for the first time. During that moment, a conversation emerged between the Worst Generation.

Law assumes that one of them must be defeated or separated. Because, according to Kidd, fighting two monsters at once was very difficult.

However, Luffy went on to say that he has been in difficult situations a lot like now.



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