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How to Make Mobile Version of Website

So everyone has heard how prevalent smartphones and tablets are getting?

Well unless you have been chilling underneath the sea in a nuclear submarine (well…you could have been?), then I am sure you are aware of their spread and usage stats.

Furthermore, mobile search is a powerful medium. It is for people on the go. It is for people with immediate needs – and hence more than likely immediate transactional desires.

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Letâ€s say you run a veterinary clinic. Now some poor sap is out and about walking his Shetland pony and as it happens, this pony decides to sprain its ankle coming off a particularly nasty kerb.

Said the owner of the Shetland pony will no doubt jump on his smartphone and look for the nearest veterinary clinic.

Now if you’re a vet in the neighbourhood – wouldnât you want to be the one to help this pony out?

Ludicrous! I hear you scream…ponies are much more coordinated and would never trip over a kerb. Well maybe so, but for the rest of you, that agree with me.

How to Make Mobile Version of Website

Here are 3 simple tips to get your website found on mobile browsersâ€

Number 1

Have a specific mobile-friendly website design. Any website with a specific stylesheet dedicated to mobiles will be favoured by search engines.

Consider the details your customers would want from an ‘mobile†version of your site. Make sure contact details are prominent and consider eliminating cumbersome navigation and otherwise useful rich content.

Number 2

Target shorter key phrases! The average search engine query is much shorter than mobile devices. So make sure the mobile version of your site targets keywords that people are searching for their mobiles!

The Google AdWords keyword tool allows you to segment searches by a device which can be quite handy to determine what people are searching.

Being aware of how people search via mobile is critical. Understanding user behaviour such as local searching (eg: “Veterinarian Hawthorn”) will also help you match user intent with the phrases you are targeting.

Number 3

Get the Google+/Places page setup for your business! A lot of mobile results show these Google +/Places/Maps based listings. If you haven’t already, get your business listing setup immediately!

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