Hatchan 03: 6 Weak One Piece Enemies Who Challenge Dangerous Fighter

Hatchan 03: 6 Weak One Piece Enemies Who Challenge Dangerous Fighter – When it comes to recklessness, Luffy is clearly one of the most desperate characters in One Piece.

He did not hesitate to beat up Tenryuubito, argue with Whitebeard, or even risk his life against Big Mom’s fleet for his best friend. But Luffy is different from the people below.

These six enemies of One Piece, usually driven by arrogance, try to fight against an enemy much stronger than them. Anyone?

Let’s see. Dare! 6 Weak One Piece Enemies Who Challenge Dangerous Fighter

1. Higuma challenges Shanks

When meeting with Shanks to announce Luffy’s first bounty, Mihawk said that he has no interest in fighting Shanks who only has one arm. Those words actually gave an interesting indication: Shanks had lost his arm since his visit to Luffy’s village.

So his fight with Mihawk, which was still heard in Whitebeard’s ears, happened before Shanks decided to go to East Blue and relax there.

When Higuma intimidated Shanks, Shanks did not fight back despite being humiliated and humiliated. The cause was simple: Shanks didn’t see Higuma as a threat, so Higuma’s insult meant nothing to him.

But when Higuma continued to look for trouble by endangering Luffy’s life, this group of small bandits also felt the consequences of being beaten by a Yonko candidate.

Yes, Shanks only became a Yonko a few years after he left Luffy’s village.

2. Bellamy challenges Luffy at Jaya

When he reaches Jaya, Luffy has already defeated Crocodile, a Shichibukai. Bellamy was way below his level.

But Luffy and Zoro, who could easily cut down the entire Bellamy crew if they wanted, didn’t want to fight just a matter of dreams. So they were silent when they were humiliated, beaten, and insulted by Bellamy’s group.

Things got different when Bellamy stole Cricket’s gold. Luffy actually came to fight. Bellamy finished with just one hit.

Even more hilarious, Luffy finished this duel without the need to use his rubber power.

When we meet again, this One Piece enemy has become a better person. But unfortunately he had to repeat the fight against Luffy because of his remaining loyalty to Doflamingo.

3. Don Krieg tries to challenge Mihawk, after Mihawk cut his ship and defeated Zoro

Honestly, I am confused about what happened here. The first time Krieg dealt with Mihawk, Mihawk attacked Krieg’s fleet just because he was bored. Then Mihawk chased Krieg to Baratie. Luckily Zoro then satisfied the Shichibukai’s fighting desire.

But, what happened next? When Mihawk wanted to leave, Krieg challenged him instead. I don’t understand why Krieg could be so confident, while what he was facing was a swordsman who had split his ship and had just defeated Roronoa Zoro, the Pirate Hunter.

To his dismay, Mihawk decided to leave. If only he had wanted to, Krieg and his golden armor would have slashed through in an instant.

4. Demaro Black intimidates a number of dangerous characters, including Luffy and Sentomaru.

This also includes spectacular stupidity. But at least Demaro Black had a defense: he didn’t know who he was dealing with. Black tried to pinpoint and kill Luffy. Even though this is Luffy who just finished his training, and is now much stronger than the Marineford era.

Luffy doesn’t even need to raise his hand, his Haoshoku Haki is enough.

Black later proved himself too stupid. Instead of giving up, he then tried to target the people who humiliated him. (Actually, they were all either Luffy or the original Straw Hats). His efforts to publicly gather pirates actually made the Pacifista and the Marines besieged the association.

He himself was then beaten by Sentomaru, a figure that Luffy was unable to penetrate before.

5. St. Charlos provoked the entire Straw Hats

. Physically, Charlos is very weak. He could act casually because really only the most reckless people (like the Revolutionary Army) dared to cause trouble with the Tenryubito.

At first he almost fell victim to Zoro. When Jewelry Bonney stopped Zoro, Bonney actually saved Charlos, not Zoro.

When Charlos then shot Hatchan 03, Luffy showed how much he didn’t care about Charlos’ status by just beating up this arrogant creature.

6. Pinkbeard is desperate to challenge the commanders of the Revolutionary Army.

Pinkbeard only has a bounty of 52 million Belly. It’s big in Paradise, but in New World it’s change. This person may be confident because he succeeded in destroying the Navy that protected the Lulusia Kingdom.

But when the four commanders of the Revolutionary Army appeared he was still confident that he could win. Then Betty strengthens all the inhabitants of the Lulusia Kingdom around her, Morley uses his land manipulation, Karasu uses his ravens, and Lindbergh uses his creation weapon. Pinkbeard fell very quickly.

Those are the six One Piece enemies who are too reckless. They took risks against enemies far above their level. They also received the stone. What do you think? Are there other figures whose pedals are like them? Convey in the comments column!

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