Google Glasses: What Are They And google glass enterprise edition 2 price

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What Are They Google Glasses?

Well…no one really knows at the moment. There is no official list of features apart from the videos and images we have seen online but basically, they seem to have Smartphone features and give you a completely different view of the world.

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The technology allows you to take pictures and videos by using voice recognition, so by speaking “Take a picture” the camera takes a snapshot of what you are looking at. Google Glass

There also are real-time Google Maps updates and if you have a Google + account, you can tag and track your friends’ locations as well.

Do They Look Stupid?

The simple answer is no, they don’t. They aren’t something out of an 80′s sci-fi movie for example. Google Glasses actually look sleek and are partly rimless.

If you were wearing them in public, you wouldn’t draw attention to yourself unless you wore them before they were officially released, people would definitely stare you out and wonder how you managed to get your hands on a pair.

But once they are released, you won’t look out of place.

Google’s Sergey Brin with the glasses

Where Can I Buy Them?

Well…you can’t, not yet anyway. Google made a few of the glasses available to a lucky group of people to use them as part of their daily lives and upload the content.

You can, however, leave your details on the Google Glass site and stay informed by receiving news and updates. Our prediction is that the glasses will be available in late 2013 coinciding with Google’s Retail Stores.

What’s Next Google Glass?

Once Google opens its retail stores (it will happen eventually) you can bet they will feature demo Glasses which you can try out in-store.

Google doesn’t shy away from media attention which means once they release the Glasses, the official launch will make headlines around the world.

Google has mentioned in a few interviews that the Glasses have positive uses for humanity and are not just a consumer-focused product.

Where does it end though in terms of consumerism?

Most of us own an iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and whatever else, but soon we may be using a Google Watch, Google Tablet, Google Android Smartphone, and the Google Glasses.

Check out the official Google Glass site and read more about how to stay informed.

Whether you’re a Google fan or not, you have to admit the images and videos in this footage is just amazing.

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