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What is a Backlink?

Competitor backlink checker – The backlink is a link that is attached to a site that leads to your website or blog page. If you write other blog links, then you are the backlink. On the contrary, if there is a blog that has a link to your blog page, then your website will receive a backlink.

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So, a backlink is a link where the link is placed on another site to be directed to your site. By using these backlinks you can get a good rating from Google because your site is referenced a lot by a number of other large sites.

This value forms the basis of the signals from the Ranking Domain (DR by Ahrefs) as well as the Domain Authority (DA by MOZ).

DA or DR is one of the most important aspects affecting the capacity/position of your website on the Tracking Engine Results page.

Sites that have been formed have the ability to trust by Google. The ability of confidence is through optimizing the value of DR and DA.

Increasing the DR and DA values ​​can help your website get more keywords in the Tracking Engines. The increase in the value of DA or DR is one of the factors by placing backlinks on other sites that have a high DA or DR value.

In the changing digital world, everyone certainly has the same opportunity to seek opportunities in cyberspace.
And because of the vast opportunities that exist, that some of the several business fields that were previously unthinkable to enter the digital world are now joining the digital market.

This of course makes many business opponents appear in cyberspace. And as an accomplished businessman, we certainly want to know how strong our opponents are playing in cyberspace, one of which uses a backlink checker.

Competitor Backlink Checker Tools

With the backlink checker, we can find out how strong backlinks are made on the web.
For more details, here are the tools for

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the most complete digital sales analysis tool. Some of the features that Ahrefs have are more than adequate to provide study data that serve as web optimization materials.

Incredibly back, there are 16 trillion web pages that have been crawled which is updated every 15-30 minutes! You can also check index backlinks in realtime on Ahrefs.


  • use is not difficult.
  • Can check opponent’s backlinks.
  • Google tracking traffic specifications.
  • Provide detailed data, such as anchor distribution, dofollow and nofollow backlinks, ranking domains, and so on.
  • Can view the list of backlinks in real-time.
  • There are backlink data monumental (new and old backlinks) and a list of backlinks that have disappeared.
  • Notification when there are new backlinks or missing backlinks.

2. SEMrush2nd

The best backlink checker tool that is okay for checking backlinks is SEMrush. Because SEMrush actively crawls around 17 billion URLs per day and has analyzed more than 33 trillion backlinks.

To use this tool, you are asked to create an account. After that, it is necessary to write down the domain name that you want to check in SEMrush Backlink Analysis.


  • There is new data and lost backlinks.
  • Analyze all incoming backlinks to both the domain, subdomain and URL.
  • Data related to the quality of the domain that provides the backlink and its position.
  • Find do-follow and no-follow backlinks.
  • Understand pages that have too many backlinks.
  • Looking for backlinks has opponents.
  • Assess the development of link building up to 5 opposing domains.
  • Can be integrated with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Majestic.
  • There is a disavow specification so that Google doesn’t index backlinks.
  • There is a disavow specification to reject backlinks.

3. UberSuggest The 3rd

The backlink checker that we reference is UberSuggest from The steps are so light because you can immediately check the backlinks in UberSuggest Backlink Checker, Advantages of Giving a light-readable backlink conclusion.

  1. Prepare a diagram of the monumental backlink development.
  2. Can see the opponent’s backlink.
  3. There are filters to view backlinks in various data such as, by geographic location, backlink text, domain score, page score, dofollow and nofollow.
  4. The presence of Organic Monthly Traffic data, which shows the estimated traffic that the domain will get from organic tracking within one month.

4. Moz Pro

If you crave complete specifications and deep data, perhaps Moz Pro, which has 40 trillion backlinks, can be one of the options. You need to write down the domain name you want to search in Link Research.

Advantages of

  1. Quick fetch specifications per backlink report.
  2. There is Page Authority data that shows the strength of the page ranking on a crawler engine.
  3. Can find out the opponent’s backlink, to compare them.
  4. Find broken links, so you can make improvements and maintain the quality of the backlinks.
  5. Check for spammy backlinks aimed at your website.

5. OpenLinkProfiler

OpenLinkProfiler allows you to check and examine backlinks for free. After entering the URL of the domain you want to check in OpenLinkProfiler,


  • There is a notification specification for backlink progress updates.
  • No need for a paid subscription.
  • The specifications offered by OpenLinkProfiler are complete. However, to access them all, you need to create an account.

6. BuzzSumo

The tool then BuzzSumo which can analyze your web content as well as your opponents.
Before using it, you have to sign up first.

After that, you can check the backlinks lightly, just click Content and decide Backlink, then enter the URL you want to check.


  • Lightweight to wear.
  • Gives trending content and opposing content.
  • There is some info regarding social media engagement.

7. LinkMiner

In the 7th row, there is LinkMiner as your preference that you can use. This Mangools backlink checker can be a minimal budget solution.

After creating your account, you can enter the URL you want to check on the dashboard under the Backlink Analysis menu.


  • Being able to see a preview of the backlink giver page on mobile and desktop
  • There is a ‘favorite’ URL specification that can store backlink data.
  • Can check backlinks that have opponents.
  • There are free SEO Tools to optimize the link-building process.

8. Majestic SEO

And finally, there is Majestic SEO. To check backlinks, you will be asked to sign up.
After that, enter the URL you want to check in Majestic SEO.


  • There is a backlink checker specification according to the historic index (old URL data) and fresh index (latest URL data).
  • The specifications and data provided are complete.
  • The view is diagrammed and clean.
  • There are support consumers who are ready to help.


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