7 What New Technology Will Come in The Future

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What New Technology Will Come in The Future – In line with the advancement of the era, successful humans get various types of technology that function for everyday life.

There have been many technological updates currently coming in the midst of people. This problem is printed only to meet the needs of every human day.

The presence of technology also has a big impact on people’s daily lives. It can almost be emphasized that everyone today is dependent on technology. Because every day we need technology to carry out our work every day.

The more people need various things, the more technologies are formed. So, there is nothing impossible to bring and use the latest technology in the future. In fact, now there are many cutting-edge technologies in the future.

Furthermore, what is the latest technology of the future that is being created again? Read the explanation:

What New Technology Will Come in The Future

Nanobot Weapons

One of the latest technology for the future is nanobots. On average, nanobots are used in the health sector because they are small and can enter the human body. However, today there are ideas for nanobots that are simpler to destroy and more efficient at destroying.

Of course, this weapon is very risky if it can’t be managed. In fact, nanobot weapons are felt to be able to destroy the world because they can imitate themselves virtually and cannot be destroyed.

Smart Shoes Smart

shoes as one of the latest technology of the future that can find out the movements of the wearer from walking, running, and climbing. In the future, this smart shoe will deliver data such as distance traveled, speed, and the number of calories. Not only that, the latest technology for the future is equipped with a 60-day battery.

Hyperloop The

cutting-edge technology of the day after that is the hyperloop. The meaning of hyperloop was first mentioned by the inventor of the United States, Elon Musk, in 2012.

Elon Musk said that the original idea of ​​a hyperloop was a means of transportation that is a capsule and moves electromagnetically in a channel of low-pressure air.

In the future, the hyperloop will move several big cities to develop a transportation model that is fast, safe, and capable of storing many passengers. With hyperloop. 20-40 passengers can travel at a speed of 1,700 km/hour.

Flying Car The

cutting-edge technology of the next day is a flying car. The American automaker who goes by the name Taylor Aerocar is recognized as the first to improve the flying car. In fact, Taylor Aerocar improved its flying car in 1949.

Soon enough, you will see a flying car hovering in the sky. Where the car will run on land and air. Its use then requires a pilot certification for this flying car safety operation.

Space Excursions

Recently, a new company called Space Perspective has been able to send travelers into space. In the future, many tourists will be dispensed with pressurized capsules that are flown in by balloons.

However, this balloon is filled with floating hydrogen which can carry the capsule with a passenger into the stratosphere.

In this hot air balloon, there are fairly complete services such as benches, bars, bathrooms, and large windows. Thus, enabling passengers to see Earth in the darkness of outer space.

Army Robots Army

robots will be considered the latest technology of the future. Size and computer calculations and reduction in human casualties are among the arguments this robot needs to establish. A number of countries such as the United States and China have improved this cutting-edge technology.

Crispr Gene Revision

CRISPR gene revision is the latest technology in the future that can manipulate genetics. With this technology, you can appoint children who are smart, squeeze beautiful, and healthy. Currently, China has been trying to do a crisor gene revision of human embryos to design babies with a number of characteristics.


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