3 Free SEO Tools to Get Backlinks

Free SEO tools to get backlinks

Free SEO tools to get backlinks – Who doesn’t love free stuff? As a matter of fact…who doesn’t love puppies or happiness?

We are all human beings here and occasionally want to be treated to something complimentary in our day-to-day lives.

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And what’s the most exciting giftâ. A toy dinosaur?

The love of another human being?

A never-ending supply of apples?

Nayâ the most exciting gift is knowledgeâ€

So without further adieu…my 3 gifts of knowledge (3 free SEO tools that we could not possibly live without):

Rank Checker – A Firefox plug-in that checks where your website/competitor websites sit for various phrases in major search engines. It’s fairly accurate and can help you keep a handle on your rankings progression.

SEO Quake – Another handy Firefox plug-in (yes I love Firefox†what of it?) will show you various SEO metrics whilst you are browsing search engine results or on a website.

3 Free SEO Tools to Get Backlinks

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It can show you things such as the age of the site, number of incoming links, number of Facebook likes etc…

Open Site Explorer – Check which sites are linking to you or your competitors. This tool needs to be upgraded to get the full data suite but useful nonetheless to get an idea of which sites are showing you, link love.

If anyone actually reads this (cue tumbleweeds)…then post a comment with any other free tools that you have found helpful.

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And dear reader…If we ever meet in our travels, I hope you will buy me a drink as a way of saying ‘thank you for being so awesome and showing me where I can get some free stuff.

*End Rant*

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