15 Best Tourist Attractions in South Sulawesi and Tourist Attraction in Jakarta – This is a List of the Most Popular & Most Popular Tourist Attractions in South Sulawesi.

The newest, current, and most popular marine natural tourism destinations that you must visit when planning a vacation to the island of Sulawesi.

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Makassar is one of the most famous areas in the archipelago. Makassar City itself is the capital of the South Sulawesi region.

Not only rich in culture, but the area also has many interesting tourist attractions. You can vacation there in the holiday season or on weekends.

Tourist Attractions in South Sulawesi

Then what are the interesting destinations in the area?

Let’s look at a more complete review of the 15 best tourist attractions in South Sulawesi.

1. Losari Beach, Makassar The

Losari Beach, Makassar The –  Best Tourist Attractions in South Sulawesi and Tourist Attraction in Jakarta

Name Losari Beach itself is not only known by the people of Sulawesi, but many people on other islands also know the beauty of this beach.

In the beach area, there is an inscription on Losari Beach which is also used as a favorite photo spot for visitors who come.

However, this beach itself tends to be different from the other beaches. On the beach, there is no sand, but there is a specially made concrete floor.

On the beachside concrete floor, tourists can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. Not only that, but you can also do various activities while on this beach.

For example, fishing activities, playing water bikes and also trying to ride a banana boat. You can also try sailing by boat in the coastal area.

Location: Jl. Entertainer No.289, Losari, Kec. Ujung Pandang, Makassar City.

2. Samalona Island, Makassar

Samalona Island, Makassar – Best Tourist Attractions in South Sulawesi and Tourist Attraction in Jakarta

One of the tourist destinations that should not be missed while in South Sulawesi is Samalona Island. In the island area, you can try to dive and enjoy the underwater beauty.

You can find various types of sea corals and tropical fish while doing this activity. To get to this island, visitors can use a speed boat first.

Location: Lae-Lae, Kec. Ujung Pandang, Makassar City.

3. Gusung Island, Kep. Selayar

Gusung Island, Kep. Selayar

Apart from Samalona Island, there are other islands in the South Sulawesi region. The island in question here is Gusung Island.

While there, you can engage in various activities with the participating relatives. Starting from diving, snorkeling, and also playing water on the beach on the island.

Location: Bontolebang, Kec. Bontoharu, Selayar Islands.

4. Taka Bonerate Marine Park, Kep. Selayar

Taka Bonerate Marine Park, Kep. Selayar – Best Tourist Attractions in South Sulawesi and Tourist Attraction in Jakarta

Taka Bonerate Marine Park is one of the best tourist destinations in the South Sulawesi area. For those of you who like diving, this marine park is the right tourist spot to visit.

There are many types of fish, turtles, and turtles that live in this area. For diving activities that will be carried out, adequate equipment is available for rent for visitors.

Location: Jl. S. Parman No.40, Benteng Selatan, Kec. Benteng, Selayar Islands.

5. Bantimurung National Park, Maros

If Taka Bonerate Marine Park is famous for its marine life, then Bantimurung National Park is famous for butterflies. There are at least 250 types of butterflies in that place. The area of ​​this park itself even reaches 43,750 ha.

Inside the national park has waterfalls, limestone hills, and caves that have extraordinary natural beauty. Are you interested in visiting this tourist destination?

Location: Jl. Poros Maros-Bone Km. 12, Kalabbirang, Kec. Bantimurung, Kab. Maros.

6. Malino Tourism, Gowa

Not only has a beautiful underwater world, but South Sulawesi also has a stretch of mountains with stunning views. For example, a tourist spot called Malino, which presents natural beauty that is cool and refreshing to the eye.

This tourist spot has been famous since the Belanda era many years ago. You can also visit tea plantations, waterfalls, pine forests, and many more in this tourist area.

Location: Malino, Kec. Tinggimoncong, Kab. Gowa.

7. Somba Opu Fortress, Gowa

In ancient times this fort was used as a trading center and also a port for spice products. Until finally in the 1990s, the Somba Opu Fortress underwent reconstruction so that it had a better appearance.

For those of you who want to have a historical tour, this fort is the right choice. Inside the existing fort, you can also find traditional houses typical of the area.

Location: Jl. Daeng Tata No.Kelurahan, Benteng Somba Opu, Kec. Barombong, Kab. Gowa.

8. Tanjung Bira Beach, Bulukumba

Apart from Losari Beach, this beach is also very worthy for you to visit. At Tanjung Bira Beach, you will be greeted with a stretch of white sand that looks so exotic. You can do various exciting activities while on this beautiful beach.

Supporting facilities are also available on this beach, starting from hotels, villas, restaurants, and also a large parking area.

Location: Bira, Kec. Bonto Bahari, Kab. Bulukumba.

9. Pinisi Boat Craft Center, Bulukumba

When visiting South Sulawesi, you can visit this pinisi boat craft center. The expertise of the people in the region has also been recognized by various parties.

Not only are they able to produce a sturdy boat, but the craftsmen are also able to make boats with a magnificent appearance. The equipment used is still considered traditional to produce such extraordinary work.

The pinisi boat craft center itself is in the Bulukamba area. In ancient times the area was also often referred to as Butta Panritta Lopi.

If interpreted, the meaning of Butta Panritta Lopi is the land of the phinisi boat builder. By visiting this tourist destination, you can also learn to get to know the history of the location in the past.

Location: Tanah Beru, Kec. Bontobahari, Kab. Bulukumba.

10. Gua Tampang Allo, Tana Toraja

Tampang Allo Cave is a cave that has been converted into a cemetery. Even though the place is a cemetery, this cave is worth a visit while on vacation in South Sulawesi.

In the cave area, you can find specially made statues or tao-tao. In the cave, there are also hundreds of wrongs or coffins of people who have been buried there.

Location: Bulian Masa’bu, Kec. Sangalla, Kab. Tana Toraja.

11. Kete Kesu Village, Tana Toraja

One of the villages in South Sulawesi that you shouldn’t just miss is Kete Kesu. If interpreted the meaning of Ke’te Kesu itself is the center of activity. In the existing village area, tourists who come can see a row of charming traditional houses.

Buildings from the megalith era can also be found in this village. You can also shop for various types of souvenirs in this tourist village area called Kete Kesu.

12. Bulupoloe Island, East Luwu

Due to its unspoiled natural conditions, Bululope Island is the best tourist destination in South Sulawesi. The beaches on the island are also not yet polluted by pollution.

By visiting the island, you can enjoy the extraordinary natural scenery. Inside, there is also lodging and a place for culinary hunting for tourists who come.

Location: Desa Harapan, Kec. Malili, Kab. East Luwu.

13. Kapoposang Island, Pangkep

There are still other best tourist attractions in South Sulawesi. The place is an island called Kapoposang Island. The clusters of coral reefs in the island area are very beautiful and enchanting.

Not only that, the visitors who come will also be spoiled with extraordinary natural scenery. In the waters, there is also an underwater paradise in the form of various types of marine life that live in it.

Location: Mattitoujung, Kec. Liukang Tuppabiring, Kab. Pangkep.

14. Cangke Island, Pangkep

For those of you who are looking for a tourist spot to calm your mind, then Cangke Island is the right choice. On the island, tourists who come will be treated to beautiful natural aromas. Starting from lush trees, white sand, and also the seawater is so clear.

Cangke Island itself is also an area that is usually used by turtles to lay their eggs.

Location: Mattirong Dolangeng Village, Kec. Liukang Tupabiring, Kab. Pangkep.

15. Dutungan Island, Barru

If you want to find a different vacation experience in the mangrove forest, you can visit Dutungan Island. On this island, there are beautiful rocky clusters. You can find a variety of interesting photo spots when visiting this island.

On the edge of the island, there is also a beach area that has beautiful white sand. With its natural beauty, it makes many tourists feel at home for a long on this island.

Location: Cilellang, Kec. Mallusetasi, Kab. Barru.

There are many tourist attractions that you can visit while in South Sulawesi. Starting from historical tourist attractions, to maritime.

Examples of existing tourist destinations include Losari Beach, Taka Bonerate Marine Park, Tampang Allo Cave, and also Somba Opu Fortress.

You can also try visiting Malino to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the form of a stretch of scenery that can soothe the eye.


Tourist Attraction in Jakarta You Must Visit

Beautiful Indonesian Mini Park

Behind the image of the nation’s capital city which is bustling and bustling with rows of skyscrapers and traffic jams, there is a tourist attraction in Jakarta that cannot be missed.

Jakarta also offers beautiful tourist attractions that are no less interesting to witness and witness. In addition, amidst Jakarta’s pressure, there are many choices of tourist locations in Jakarta that you can try.

There are so many tourist attractions in Jakarta, tourist attractions in Jakarta Starting from child-friendly family tours, cooking tours, historical and art tours to anti-mainstream tourism in Jakarta.

Therefore, there is no need to hesitate anymore to explore various tourist attractions in Jakarta, curious where is the place?

Take a peek at the following reviews of tourist attractions in Jakarta

Please refer to the recommendations for tourist attractions in Jakarta that we have collected below.

1. Old Town

The first tourist attraction in Jakarta is in the corner of the metropolitan city of Jakarta, there is an area that has a high historical value as well as a popular tourist spot, namely the Old City.

The number of old colonial-style buildings that are still standing gives the impression of going back to the past. Therefore, do not be surprised if holidays or weekends arrive, this area is always crowded with visitors.

When visiting tourist attractions in Jakarta on this one, there are many things you can explore. There is the Fatahilah Museum which witnesses the history of the nation’s struggle for independence.

Then there is the Red Building, the Wayang Museum, the Bank Indonesia Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Sunda Kelapa Harbor, and the City Train Station.


  • Name: Kota Tua Jakarta
  • Address: Jl. Taman Fatahillah No.1, RT.7 / RW.7, Kota Tua, Pinangsia, Tamansari, West Jakarta, Jakarta
  • open 24 hours
  • See the full article in Kota Tua Jakarta

2. Beautiful Indonesian Mini Park

the next tourist attraction in Jakarta is Beautiful Indonesian Mini Park – If traveling to Jakarta, a destination that should not be missed is Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

This park with an area of ​​up to 150 hectares can be said to be a miniature of Indonesia. You can find various types of local culture in this country in this park, such as traditional houses. Not only that, but in the parking area, there are also dozens of museums, dozens of themed parks, theater buildings to exciting playgrounds.

Therefore, this tourist spot in Jakarta is very suitable as a fun educational tourist spot for children and families. Some of the exciting rides at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah such as the Keong Mas theater with its interesting 4-dimensional cinema.

There is also a Legend Park which contains extinct animals such as dinosaurs and many other interesting rides.


  • Name: Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
  • Address: Ceger, Cipayung, East Jakarta, DKI Jakarta
  • Email address: info@tamanmini.co.id
  • Opening hours: 07.00 – 22.00.
  • Entrance ticket: IDR 10,000 (only to enter the area)

3. Ancol Dreamland

the next tourist attraction in Jakarta is Ancol Dreamland, which is also quite popular not only for Jakarta residents but for out-of-town travelers is Taman Impian Jaya Ancol.

This tourist destination is an integrated tourist area equipped with various international standard facilities with an area of ​​up to 552 hectares.

This includes amusement parks, beach tours, culinary tours, golf courses, cottages to star hotels.

Each area of ​​the amusement park has a different theme and excitement that will spoil your vacation.

For example, Fantasy World or what is often called Dufan, Seaworld, Atlantis Water Adventure, Ocean Dream Samudra, and many other amazing exciting rides.


  • Name: Ancol Dreamland
  • Address: Jalan Lodan Timur No.7, RW.10, Kota Tua, Ancol, Pademangan, Kota North Jakarta, DKI Jakarta
  • Opening hours: 24 hours
  • Phone: (021) 29222222

4. Coconut Island

The next tourist attraction in Jakarta is Coconut Island. Beautiful Indonesian Mini Park.

Tourist attractions in Jakarta are not only shopping centers or amusement parks, Jakarta also has enchanting natural tourist attractions in the archipelago.

As in the Thousand Islands, for example, which presents the natural beauty of small, exotic islands that are unspoiled, one of which is Kelapa Island.

Around the beach, there are many coconut trees which make this destination even more exotic.

Not only that, but Kelapa Island also has other natural attractions that are very difficult to ignore. Such as white sand and beautiful coral reefs around the island, of course, will provide an unforgettable diving experience.

On this island you can also visit turtle breeding sites, you know.

Kelapa Island itself is an inhabited island, so you don’t need to worry when you want to spend rest time on this island because the facilities are quite adequate.


  • Name: Coconut Island
  • Address: Thousand Islands, DKI Jakarta
  • Opening hours: 24 hours

5. Museum MACAN

the next tourist attraction in Jakarta is Museum MACAN

When you listen to its call, you could be incorrect, due to the fact that this preferred visitor place in Jakarta has a selection of magnificent masterpieces.

Shortened from Gallery of Contemporary and also Modern Art in Nusantara, Gallery MACAN is an ideal location for admirers of both contemporary and also modern art.

At the very least no much less compared to 90 masterpieces, both residential and also worldwide, have actually been showing in this gallery.

The deals with the show are not just restricted to paints, however additionally modern functions that are packaged in a selection of outstanding methods, media, and also set up the art.

It’s not surprising that this location typically ends up being an image chance for site visitors.

The masterpiece that’s many popular is the function of Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese musician qualified for ‘Infinity Mirrored Room’.


  • Name: MACAN Museum
  • Address: Wisma Akr, Jl. Panjang No.5, RT.11 / RW.10, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta
  • Opening hours: 10.00-19.00 WIB (Tuesday – Sunday)
  • Entrance ticket: IDR 50,000 (adults), IDR 40,000 (seniors and students) , IDR 30,000 (children)
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